3 Tips for Choosing a Short-Term Rental Property in Vail, CO

3 Tips for Choosing a Short-Term Rental Property in Vail, CO

About 1.3 million visitors travel to Vail every year. If you're investing in short-term rentals this year, look no further than Vail, CO! Marketing to these tourists will give you 1.3 million ways to generate income!

Not sure how to choose a short-term rental property in Vail, CO? Here are three simple tips that can help.

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1. Consider Size

In 72% of counties in the US, profits on three-bedroom, single-family home rentals are decreasing. Before choosing between short-term rentals in Vail, compare sizes. Invest in properties that have enough space to suit your guests' needs.

Most visitors in Vail look for family-size or luxury spaces. Investing in a larger home will help you generate more profit.

Five-bedroom homes earn the highest nightly rates and annual income.

While a four-bedroom counterpart won't bring in as much daily revenue, the occupancy stays higher. The four-bedroom rentals are easier to book up throughout the year.

However, larger properties are less available in Vail, CO. The limited supply is why owners can drive up nightly rates. You might need to search through rental properties in Vail to find one.

There are tourists looking for smaller homes, however. You could probably keep a one-bedroom property booked throughout the year. These smaller properties are ideal if you want to save on upfront costs.

2. Check Location

Before choosing between rental properties in Vail, Colorado, consider where each property is located. Consider how far away the property is from a ski resort. Winter travelers will look for rentals that aren't too far.

Look for properties they can walk or take a shuttle to a gondola from.

The town of Vail is only five square miles. You don't have to choose properties directly near a resort.

Try looking for homes near Frisco, Keystone, and Breckenridge.

If you want to reduce vacancy rates, look for properties that give guests access to summer activities. You can generate dual-season bookings to boost your annual income.

Check for properties near popular events, downtown dining, and hiking trails.

3. Compare Amenities

Before making any final choices, look for properties that offer your guests amenities. For example, you might consider:

  • A stunning mountain view
  • Ski storage
  • Propane tanks

If you choose a rental in a condo community, check for a gym or pool. For standalone homes, consider properties with hot tubs.

You can also offer complimentary toiletries, an inviting interior, or a well-stocked kitchen to attract guests.

You'll have an easier time marketing your rental property if you offer unique amenities.

Find a Short-Term Rental in Vail, CO Today

Don't rush to invest in the first short-term rental you find in Vail, CO. Instead, use these tips to do your due diligence. Find a rental property that will help you attract guests throughout the year.

With these tips, you can find the best short-term rentals in Vail and begin making a profit!

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