What Is Revenge Travel and Why Should You Care About It?

What Is Revenge Travel and Why Should You Care About It?

Travel is one of the most sought-after trends of the 21st century. At its peak, 1.5 billion people traveled worldwide.

However, in 2020, the entire market was halted. COVID-19 spread, bringing new restrictions that primarily affected the tourism market. From this, revenge travel was born and is in full swing today.

To learn more about this latest craze and why you should care, read our guide un

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What Is Revenge Travel?

Revenge travel is the latest trend that experts predict will be here for decades. The industry is so in demand that it will stand at 986.5 billion by 2032.

The term was coined by the media in 2021. They noticed a rapid increase in bookings with airlines, accommodations, and tours. This was happening when laws still prevented them from traveling.

People sitting at home were dreaming about exploring once again. They vowed to take revenge against regulations stopping them from doing so.

2024 is the first year without restrictions, so the craze is about to begin!

What Does Revenge Travel Look Like?

Revenge travel is more than people hoping to get back out there and explore the world. As with every trend, it has unique characteristics that make it distinctive.

Below is the most noticeable way travel will change in 2024.

Extended and Luxurious Vacations

In the past, most Americans would take several weekend breaks throughout the year. Studies show that 57% of people now take at least a one-week trip.

Travelers were limited to local travel for an extended period. As a result, individuals are choosing to indulge in longer and more luxurious trips.

This means staying at upscale vacation retreats and enjoying high-end amenities.

Sustainable Travel

The earth's temperature has risen by almost 2°F since 1880. Alarmingly, around 66% of that has occurred in the past five decades.

The enormous scale of the tourism industry adds to this unwanted statistic. However, it can also help combat the issue.

People are traveling more sustainably and searching for accommodations with eco-friendly practices. Green certs, renewable energy, and waste reduction are strategies to maximize your presence.

Booking Trips to Bucket List Destinations

Revenge travel involves ticking off items on bucket lists put on hold for two years.

Travelers want to embark on exotic trips and engage in activities they have always dreamed of. Some of the most popular are safaris, skydiving, or exploring remote destinations.

How Does Revenge Travel Affect You?

If you own vacation rentals, you'll be glad to know that revenge travel will be your new best friend.

Around 90 million people visited the Centennial State in 2019. Travel experts believe more people than ever will be traveling to Colorado in 2024. So you can take advantage of the increased number of customers in the area.

People are also searching for extended, luxurious, and sustainable stays. Therefore, more people will opt for vacation rentals over a traditional hotel. To maximize the opportunity, you must prepare your home to suit guests' preferences!

Prepare for Revenge Travel Today

Revenge travel is already in place. 2024 is the most crucial year for this ongoing trend. So, if you're not already prepared, you've fallen behind the competition.

Fortunately, you can make up for lost time. By working with Property Management Inc., you get a firm with decades of experience and a manager with local knowledge. So contact us to utilize revenge travel this year!